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Lots of thanks and love to the games composer Nathan Hanover. Please visit his Youtube page and subscribe to him for his amazing Music.
The Games Soundtrack: Deep Relics OST

Deep Relics was first created to try out the Unity engine during the HPS1 Halloween 2020 Jam and the 32 bit Jam but sadly we could not finish Deep Relics in Time.

You heard about 10 relics hidden deep underwater, but soon you notice that you are not alone.
Find all 10 relics and make sure not to get swallowed up by the unknown...

The game is also Open Source

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Driving, Horror, hps1, hpsxrp, Low-poly, ps1, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


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se muy fresco mi pana

esta muy bueno tu juego debo de decir lo unico que le falta son actualizaciones agrega una pantalla completa, mas monstruos de los que escapar, una pantalla de inicio por que empieze de una esta muy feo XD y barios modos de juego haci uno en plan supervivencia y uno de recoleccion de puntos o algo haci a y una pantalla de game over para que no se salga del juego apenas uno lo abre y que nuestro personaje sea un poco mas veloz del resto esta muy bueno sigue haci la atmosfera es muy buena pero uno no puede recuperar vida juego un poco bueno para jugar de noche 6/10


love your psx stile


I don't know why but I cannot seems to pick up the relic. Maybe a bugs or me being an idiot for 30 minutes. But overall it super atmospheric game and super cool. 

Continue to make game more my man.  ✊✊

Thanks for the critic, I wasn't really good with the gamedesign of deep relics, but I wrote an Readme file for the controls.

You need to be very near to a relic (the yellow thing) and hold the F button until the relic disappears. (It makes a sound when you collect a relic)

Thanks for playing it and making a video from it, oh and yes it was an inspiration of Frontier Diver.


Then I the one being idiot here!!! 🤣🤣 thanks for telling me my man!  ✌


Very atmospheric game. Really high.

But it's not at all obvious how bright things are assembled. Sometimes they don't take it at all. And the evil fish is already here.


I like the atmosphere of this game a lot, it’s very unusual feel to explore those massive underwater structures, wonder what they are, all while being chased by a giant anglerfish. Great job on PS1 graphics as well, it is very aesthetically pleasing.

Played the game on Linux, works great! And props for making it open source.


Thanks a lot for tthose kind words.

I'll always try to port the game to linux and make my games Open source if they are free.


I loved the music and the underwater ambiance. I've been waiting for this one just to explore the underwater ruins and it was totally worth it. The fish legit scared me a few times.

Some feedback though: it would be nice to have a visual cue when you are scanning a relic and also when the fish is attacking but you can't see it because it's behind you. I noticed both things were shown through audio, but it took me a while.


Hello Luis, I'm happy that you had fun with Deep Relics, also Thanks for the feedback, and yes you're right, the visual cues didn't existied, I'll keep that in mind to build it in, in my next game hehe. Thx a lot.


Thank you! I worked on the music for Terra's game so I'm pleased you have enjoyed the game along with the music! :) 


Cool  game.




Wanting to look into how to make a game look "PSX like" im sure that this game being open source will surely help me a lot. Thank you very much for this. 

Im sure to check the game out in the coming days when I find the time.


I often try to make my projects open source so other people can learn from it. Hope it will help you,
Also thank you for checking in.